My opinion on pokemon

My opinion

I think that pokemon are awesome. Some people don’t but I hope that most people do because thay are so cute and awesome looking.

The Pokemon games and series.

There are a lot of games that have Pokemon in it like Pokemon: alpha sapphire, The new Pokemon go app, and the pokken tournament game. The pokemon series are the indigo league and the xy version.

these are my top 10 favorite pokemon!!(favorite to least favorite).

  1. Squirtle (indigo league)
  2. Eevee (indigo league
  3. Fenniken ( xy version)
  4. Pickachu (indigo league)
  5. Pichu ( xy version
  6. Chespin ( xy version)
  7. jigglypuff (indigo league)
  8. Braixen ( xy version)
  9. Skitty ( xy version)
  10. plusle (xy version)

Tell me in the comments what your favorite pokemon is. GO SQUIRTLE!!! hope you enjoyed my blog post. ūüôā Also tell me in the comments what team you are in pokemon go. My family is on team instinct!!! ūüôā



Music to my ears


My band teacher

My band teacher Mr. Holly is so funny and nice. He does a lot of funny dance moves that make us laugh! He teaches us a lot of great ways to learn faster and to remember thing easier.

My instrument

My instrument in band, is the flute. Mr. Holly said that the flute is the hardest instrument in the wood winds. I think it is hard because your fingers are spread apart a little. Flutes don’t have reeds like other woodwinds. Reeds are the thing that helps make the sound for the saxophones, and clarinets.

How I feel about band

I think that band is awesome! I think that my teacher is super nice and hilarious. I love the flute so far and I hope I get better and better at it.

Thank you for reading my blog post I hope you enjoyed it:)

About me

My Hobbies


One of my favorite things to do is cook. I¬†haven’t been cooking a lot but I ¬†plan to. I like to cook quesadillas. Quesadillas are the first things I have ever cooked. It is¬†really simple. My dad is an awesome cook. He taught me most things I know about¬†cooking. My favorite thing he cooks us is his awesome steak, it is so good!!


Another thing I like to do is draw. I like to draw a lot of youtubers and other characters. I like to draw food and animals. The animal I like to draw the most is a dog. I like to draw them because they are easy and fun to draw.

                              My friends

I love all my friends. I have really good friends. My best friend is named Jocelyn. My other friends are Viviana(Vivi), Dalia, Aryana, Faith, Denera, Shelby, and Gaby

Random facts:

  • I have a very big family.
  • I really like to write.
  • I like converse¬†shoes.
  • I like video games.
  • I love to swim.
  • I like cats.
  • I am really tall.
  • I love my family

I hope you enjoyed my blog post:)